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Impactful short-form storytelling.


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Who Are We

I help creators, brands, and businesses curate a memorable presence online.


From content creation to full brand development, my multi-disciplinary background allows me to help businesses and companies communicate efficiently online. I am in constant pursuit of storytelling excellence through short-form video, photo, and graphic design.

At the beginning of 2021, I dove head-first into TikTok on a brand-new account with the goal of posting every day until something happened. Very quickly, I found myself passionate about sharing my experience as a twenty-something growing up, and helping as many people as possible along the way.


A year and nearly 1 million followers later, the tens of millions of impressions I've garnered has lead me to working with some of the most premiere brands in the lifestyle and mental health space.


I'm learning as I go, and sharing my experiences along the way. Follow along, and get in touch.

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