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About Sean Oulashin

Sean Oulashin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. His father introduced him to videography and editing at a young age. Filming on a point-and-shoot photo camera, Sean enjoyed making short films with his friends and setting up dedicated screening nights for family members.

During high school, Sean began editing 15-second videos of Cardistry, the aesthetically pleasing art of shuffling playing cards, for Instagram in his spare time. Within a year, he had built an audience around his content and began to become an important figure in Cardistry's timeline. Since then, his audience has continued to grow online, and he's given presentations at Cardistry conventions in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

Not one day after graduating from PSU's film program in 2019, Sean became Portland Gear's official content curator and creator. Responsible for communicating the brand's story in an impactful and engaging manner, Sean's had the opportunity to work not only with Portland Gear but a handful of small businesses in and around the Portland metro area.

Throughout the year of 2021, Sean posted every single day on a fresh TikTok account, just to see what would happen. His disciplined approach and drive to stand out resulted in nearly a million followers gained before the end of the year, and a consistent and viable income through brand partnerships, and even consulting with personalities, brands, and corporations.  

Outside of filmmaking, Sean has dipped his feet into other art forms such as graphic design, musical composition, and photography. It's difficult to find something that isn't in his wheelhouse.

Coupled with his vast knowledge and passion for social media marketing, communication, and storytelling, Sean strives to create memorable and engaging content that conveys a client's message in a meaningful manner.

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